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Welcome to our Tax & Finance Help section at White Picket College.

This section is to serve as an aid to upper middle class (UMC) parents and students who are taking an active role in savings for college and college financial planning.

WPC provides you with facts on legal financial strategies and loopholes in tax documents so you can lower your expected family contribution and increase your chances of earning more student college financial aid, especially college grant money if possible.  Also, as a supplement, please visit our section on: Investment Strategies.  You will find other informational articles on how to invest your money for a child’s college education both for the long-term and short-term.

Please note: At WPC, we are not financial advisers.  The best way to utilize the financial information we have on our site is to read carefully, understand and take notes.  Then consult with a highly reputable financial adviser in your area who specializes in financial planning for college.  Choose the financial adviser through friends, colleagues or other trusted sources.  Word of mouth recommendations are best.

When in the meeting with the financial adviser, discuss what you’ve read on WPC and see if it applies to your specific financial situation.  Even when you select a trusted financial adviser (and accountant), do not remove yourself from the financial planning and investment process.  This is the biggest mistake UMC parents make.

You must  examine every statement and be educated about the terminology and the financial process — and that’s where WPC comes in.  Our articles are straightforward and easy to understand.  We never use “over-your-head” terminology or confusing financial writing.  We write for the average UMC parent and student so you can understand and take hold of college financial planning.

Please click on an article in the Tax & Finance Help menu and enjoy!

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