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Best Non-Need Based Colleges List


July 12, 2010:  Sometimes you come across a rare gem, and here at White Picket College, we present that gem to you.  We found a highly coveted list that we’re sure you’ll appreciate.  Do yourself a favor and print out this list of schools so you can read it on the beach this summer, poolside or in the comfort of your air-conditioned home.

Please click on the below link to find a list of:

Best Colleges 2010 for Non-Need Based Financial Aid

On this list, you will find the top 100 schools that give out merit scholarships as educational financial aid to their students.  In the right hand column, you will see the percentage of students who receive non-need based aid at that particular college.  Finlandia University in Hancock, Michigan comes in first, since they give 100 percent of merit aid.  Well-done, Finlandia.

Some prestigious colleges that stand out on the list are Cooper Union, University of Colorado, Seton Hall University, University of Florida, Tulane University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Southern Methodist University, Baylor University and University of Rochester.  So definitely check out these colleges.

It’s not all gloom and doom here at White Picket College.  Great colleges can offer great financial aid packages for the upper middle class (UMC).  You just have to find out where to look.

Many thanks to U.S. News & World Report for providing such a great list.

~ the WPC team

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