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Welcome to Non-Need Based Scholarships at White Picket College!

Tired of not being eligible for need-based scholarships?  Your family looks very comfortable on paper, but in reality you’re struggling to pay for college.  This is the plight of the upper middle class (UMC).

Here are at White Picket College, we provide a list of private MERIT scholarships and achievement-based scholarships.  Please note that students must be academically competitive, leaders in their communities and involved in extracurricular activities to apply for these types of grants.

Also, please note that universities themselves give out college grants and scholarships.  That is why private free money for college is so hard to find … but at WPC, we’re doing our best to find non-need based financial aid for UMC students.

Simply go back to the Non-Need Based Scholarships main menu and click on the pull-down menu and click away.  Or please look below for links to all scholarships.

Scholarship List (please click on scholarship name):

Scholarship Tips

Top 100 Non-Need Based Scholarship Colleges

American Legion Oratorical Contest

AXA Community Scholarship

AXA Achievement Scholarship

Bank of America Scholarship

Best Buy Scholarship

Blogging Scholarship

Brower Youth Awards

Coca-Cola Scholars

Circle K International, Cunat International Scholarship

Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship

Common Knowledge Scholarship

Crosslites Scholarship Award

Dale E. Fridell Memorial Scholarships

Discover Scholarship Program

Fountainhead Essay Contest

Holocaust Remembrance Essay Contest

Intel Science Talent Search

Junior Miss Scholarships

Key Club Scholarship

Kohl’s Kids Scholarship

National Peace Essay Contest

NRA Essay Contest

Ottilie Markholt Scholarship

Prudential Scholarship

Siemens Scholarship

Signet Essay Contest

Stuck at Prom Contest

Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS

Young Naturalist Awards

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