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The good news is job growth is on the upward trend.  When I was laid off in May 2008, I searched online relentlessly for a new job.  All I could find were “unpaid internships” and I wasn’t even entry level.  So I decided to try human-to-human contact by attending a career fair at my graduate school.  I went to the booth of a magazine I thought would be a good fit and the woman kept pushing an unpaid internship on me.  I told her I had 10 years of professional writing experience and over three years experience as an editor.  And all she could offer me was a job for no pay.

That was basically my story for 2008, 2009 and 2010.  I have to admit I gave up after a while and continued to freelance.  Then I started looking for permanent jobs again last month and much to my surprise, I was finding jobs in my field, at the mid-level range.  I was also seeing more entry level jobs for graduating seniors.

Though there are more jobs, the competition is still fierce.  Thus, as a graduating senior, you have to find ways to make yourself stand out.  To help you on your search, I’d like to point out a CNN article entitled “Boost your odds of finding a job.”  Writer Jen Haley provides tips and useful websites for job seekers.

I also tuned in to MSNBC this past weekend and found out about  It’s Twitter for us job seekers.  You can refine searches by job title, date Tweeted, city, salary, skills and job type (freelance, full-time, part-time).

Best of luck to all of you (and to me)!

~ the WPC team Gear For Your Career

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