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Can you truly say you understand your college financial aid package?  Well, if not, you definitely should.  This is not a time to “skim” or overlook the little details because it could cost you and your family big money!

We’ve arrived at a great time at White Picket College when upper middle class (UMC) students receive their acceptances to colleges.  Congrats to all of you!  You may have received your financial aid award letter along with your acceptance, or it’s coming very soon.  Either way, it’s best to read up on what you’re receiving or not receiving.

In honor of all of you, we’ll be giving you straightforward, easy-to-understand and short articles on how navigate through the financial aid award process.  We’re so happy for you if you love your award–it’s full of scholarships and grants–then that’s awesome!  But many of you may be left saying, “Show me the money!”

To those of you, we have a series of articles that discuss everything from how to understand your award to how to negotiate with a financial aid officer to how to receive more money.  So let’s get started.

Our first article is entitled:

A Breakdown of the College Financial Aid Package

It discusses how to understand what you are receiving in regard to scholarships, grants and loans.  Learn what is the best of the best and how to decide if you need to go into negotiations with the college of your dreams.

~ the WPC team

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